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Time to let clothes be clothes: Stop selling children’s clothes as “for girls” or “for boys.”


Retailers in the UK are telling children that certain clothing types, colours, styles and themes are either for boys, or for girls.

Childrenswear should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Sold in a choice of size and fit
  • Age appropriate
  • Safe and promote healthy body image
  • Designed in a variety of fun, imaginative themes and colours
  • Sold in-store without active gender policing
  • Free from slogans and messages that reinforce gender stereotypes

Children should be free to choose the clothing they find most comfortable, and that includes colours and themes that reflect personal taste and interests. Children should not be subjected to messages that reinforce ideas about gender based on outdated stereotypes.

We call on retailers here in the UK to remove all gender based signs, labels, displays and related text/images, in order to safeguard children from sexism and damaging ideas about the role of men and women in society.

No child should be made to feel wrong or foolish, or subjected to bullying (“gender policing”) for simply wanting to wear what they want.

Retailers have created zones of pink or blue, colours over grey, pretty or robust, and in doing so they are guilty of imposing marketing that “unduly stereotypes children” (British Retail Consortium)

Please join us in saying “its time to let clothes be clothes

(Featured image: Marks and Spencer, Kidswear Range 2015)

Ban the sale of heels and wedges to young girls #healthnotheels

brantano 10-2 Skittles Bella PARTY Sandals This little party number is sure to make the special little girl in your life feel even more like a princess!every budding fashionistas dream.

Normalising heels on girls is bad for girls, full stop. From crib baby heels to plastic “play” shoes, high fashion footwear to school uniform, there’s a broad range of products promoting heels to girls. Yet our girls deserve better than this, they deserve to be treated like children, and every effort made to ensure an active and healthy childhood.


Make sexism in the design and marketing of children’s clothing extinct! (Victory!)2015-01-05-20-33-18

Gender stereotyping in children’s clothing is exploitative, and a breeding ground for bullying and pressure to conform. Let children choose their own interests, and make that choice as wide as possible!

Let clothes be clothes, and children be children. Lets create a retail space with #dinosaursforall, where we take every step possible to get children passionate about Science, History and the world around them.

One thought on “Sign our Petition

  1. Be fair to children. Stop stores from selling inappropriate shoes to young girls. Save money for the NHS later by preventing foot, knee, hip and back problems.


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