Letter Template

Dear [always use a specific contact such as a department head or board member]

[Positive intro] I would like to congratulate you on your new unisex range on your website! I no longer have to search through both sections to find the clothes that we know our daughter will love, however I am concerned that your gender labels in store are preventing choice, and stereotyping children. My daughter [make it about real experiences] was upset the Space T-Shirts were labelled boys. Is this necessary?

As a supporter of Let Clothes Be Clothes, please take a look at their #Ditchthegenderlabels campaign, and why its really important children are not deterred by unnecessary signs and labelling. [let us help you here and add a link to a relevant blog or section on our website]

[state what the problem is] I think it is fantastic gender labels have been removed from your toys, but is clothing really so different? We have cultural expectations on what children should wear, but in recent years the themes of these ranges have also been split by gender. Can’t girls by Astronauts? Don’t boys like pink too?

[add research or evidence to back up your point] The lack of Science and Engineering themes in your “girls range” in store reinforces the idea that STEM is for Men only. Consider that only 14% of STEM jobs in the UK are filled by Women, with only 9% in Engineering – is it any wonder when retailers are part of a culture that tells girls – this is for boys only? For more information please click here

[What you would like to happen] I urge you to think again, and treat girls and boys as children – more alike than different. Be more creative and colourful in the way you sell clothes in store, offer by type, colour, size or theme rather than artificial and outdated notions about gender. Encourage girls to approach Science themes, not dissuade or subject them to gender policing.

Yours sincerely,

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