About our Award


We want to recognise businesses that sell children’s clothing and accessories in a way that is inclusive, offering choice rather than lazy gender stereotypes.

Our approved badge is a great way of acknowledging the part unisex retailers  are playing in offering choice by encouraging children to wear the colours and themes they want without being put off by unnecessary gender labels and sexist messages.

It is our hope that the Let Clothes Be Clothes Approved Badge will encourage support for those businesses that are getting it right!

  • Clothing and accessories should be unisex, labelled and displayed by theme, age or size only, with no gender based categories.
  • No “Girls” or “Boys” signage, search options or titles of any kind. Descriptions should refer to children, not he or she.
  • No design or marketing that implies clothing is intended for girls/boys, such as choice limited to pink or blue options only.
  • Visuals should encourage the unisex approach where possible.

We also want to recognise and support large, well established high street retailers who take steps towards unisex displays and ranges, and as such welcome those who want to work towards key aspects of the award.

How the award works:
  • Participants may display our award badge on their websites, storefronts, letterheads and social media. This will be a key visual signpost for the award and participants will be sent a high resolution final design.
  • Participant’s information with links will be listed on our website under “Approved Retailers” as signposted on our home page navigation bar. This will include business logo, links to website and social media, plus up to 100 words of text as an introduction to be provided by the participant.
  • We ask that whenever you write about our best practice award, you include a link to our website http://www.letclothesbeclothes.uk where possible.
  • Let Clothes Be Clothes will conduct a one-off interview with each participant with 10 set questions that will be used as an introduction to our supporters through social media. The blog will then by linked to your business information on our website.
  • If you can no longer comply with the criteria of the award, please let LCBC know as soon as possible. We may be able to offer advice!
  • If after exploring advice and other options participants businesses are no longer relevant to the scheme or do not fulfil the criteria, we reserve the right to remove them from our approved list with up to 14 days notice.
  • A one-off sign up fee of £10 applies to each new participant and must be paid in full before the badge can be awarded. No profit is made from this scheme, but all money will be added to our campaign fund (which at present also covers the cost for administering the award)
  • Our award badge must not be amended in any way, or be reproduced on printed goods without our permission.

To apply, or for more information, please contact Francesca at letclothesbeclothes@gmail.com