Approved Retailers

Little Green Radicals

One of the first brands in the UK to sell childrenswear made from Fairtrade Organic Cotton, we love LGR designs for their colour and flair – not to mention their unisex, for all, policy with no girl or boy sections! Just great clothes all kids will love.

Back to Beyond

Ethically sourced, handmade, stylish and sublime. Looking for covetable children’s clothing with a clear conscience? Try Let Clothes Be Clothe supporters Back to Beyond!

No Pink Please

“We champion childrenswear that lets kids be kids! Selling fun, unisex clothing which encourages imagination & play.  All our brands our British based, independent & responsibly produced, offering a little more choice to those seeking an alternative.”

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Sewing Circus

Handmade unisex childrenswear, made by Hanna Symis. Sewing Circus’s best-selling Space Pinafores have appeared in The Guardian Top 5 Space purchases for children, and Huffington Post “Top 12 businesses that say no to gender stereotypes.

Little Leaf

Beautiful Organic Babywear! 

“Our clothes and blankets come in our very own bright, unique designs, which will hopefully put a smile on your face. Our babywear designs suit both girls and boys. As parents of a son and daughters, we like the idea of baby clothes that suit both. There’s also a practical gain from choosing unisex designs for your baby clothes, as they can be passed on from brother to sister (recycling at its best!) and so will save you money in the long-term. As organic cotton has a reputation for being incredibly durable, retaining its quality wash after wash (and even getting softer the more it’s washed), it should see you through baby number one, two, three and more!”


Little Bird by Jools Oliver at Mothercare

cheryl jools oliverJools and Mothercare have produced a childrenswear range that is bright, colourful and full of imagination for all children. The range includes a selection of unisex items, one of the first from a large UK retailer. Campaiger Cheryl Rickman of Climbing Tree’s Kids attended the Spring/Summer 2016 launch in October 2015 to present Jools Oliver with her award.

Mimi & Will

Mimi & Will means great design from emerging and established artists, on long-lasting, well-fitting, ethically-made t-shirts for children.mimiwill_logo_web
By its very nature, Let Clothes Be Clothes forces all of us to remember that there’s no such thing as ‘just clothes’ when there’s a potential for harm to those developing young minds (and feet, and bodies), and we are delighted to stand alongside and help share that message.

Tutti Frutti Clothing

Bold prints and bright colours for all children! We love Tutti Frutti!

I would love a society that just accepted kids as individuals, who can wear what they want without being subjected to negative views and opinions. If a little girl only wears trousers and loves Spiderman, that doesn’t mean she is a tomboy  – she’s a girl. Likewise boys can dress up in skirts and dresses without wanting to be girls. Why not give children the choice to wear what they feel most comfortable in?” Ali from Tutti Frutti Clothing

Gecko Clothing gecko clothing logo

Gecko Clothing is about creating fun and colourful unisex designs that allow  kids to get on with the important job of adventuring and exploring their world. Our clothes are funky and unique, ethical and eco-friendly, practical and     hard-wearing and don’t cost the earth.



We are a unisex children’s clothing brand. Our kids clothing is stylish, fun, hard wearing, high quality and practical. And can be enjoyed by girls and boys alike.
Tootsa MacGinty collections are styled exclusively for children, we don’t have separate sections for boys and girls.
Our clothes are bright and cheerful and as colourful as a paintbox. Designed so that kids can run, jump and play and feel comfortable all day long. Riding a bike, scooting along the pavement or whizzing down the slide in the park is easy peasy in Tootsa MacGinty.


We believe in freedom of expression, freedom to wear. Let them be kids! All colours for all kids. Unique, Unisex, Individual Kids design for cool boys and girls on planet earth.



Beb & Ooo

Entrepreneur twins Beth and Lucy design, produce and sell this wonderfully colourful and fun unisex brand – Beb and Ooo! (named after what their brother called them as children)

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“We are very passionate that all children have freedom to experiment, explore and express their creativity. We hope that our clothes help to offer parents and children more choice.


Fabric Punk

Get creative with a fabric seller who thinks outside the pink or blue box!

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“Choice is a big deal for me as a parent, and when I started Fabric Punk I wanted to offer a service free from gender stereotypes – the fabrics we sell are for all children (and grown-ups!) and we hope to inspire creativity outside the pink or blue box!”

Gender Free World


Gender Free World is an online retailer who believe that clothing choices shouldn’t be restricted by gender. We currently manufacture shirts that fit a range of body shapes with one universal type of buttoning and hope to be able to provide a shirt for anyone that the high street currently cater to, as well as some accessories and tee shirts for adults and children from our ‘Just Me No Labels’ philosophy collection. We are the label that doesn’t like labels!

J J Jiraffe

Handmade children’s clothes packed with colour and fun!


“I wanted fun prints and funky styles & started making my own, because life is too short for boring clothes!” Vicky White


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Kith Kin Design

Kith Kin Design was founded on two simple principles: gender equality and sustainability. I understand parents don’t want clothing companies to dictate what their baby should be wearing, especially when the offer is more of the same old stereotypes. Instead I offer designs that are fresh and original.

Outside the Box Clothes

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Outside the Box Clothes is a family run company that makes clothes for children. We believe that clothes allow children an early form of expression and this should not be restricted in any way. Currently the children’s clothing industry is largely divided by colour, pattern and style and we feel this is wrong. A child’s perception of their gender and themselves is formed at an early age and we want them to choose what they like and be confident in their choices, not what the industry tells them to like. This is why we fully support the Let Clothes Be Clothes campaign which is doing so much to shape the future of children’s clothes.