About us

Let Clothes Be Clothes was founded in late 2014 by Francesca Cambridge Mallen & Katy Penman, thanks to introductions from campaigners at Let Toys Be Toys who realised this pair needed more to do with their time. Both felt a campaign challenging gender stereotypes in children’s clothing was long overdue, and with the help of fellow campaigners and volunteers, started to look at how to tackle changing the way retailers in the UK design and market children’s clothing. In 2015 author and  founder of Climbing Tree’s Kids, Cheryl Rickman, joined the team and has been at the forefront of our meetings with some of the biggest retailers on the high street.

Francesca, Coordinator of Let Clothes Be Clothes, is also Director of Sewing Circus, a Pinkstinks Approved indie business making unisex children’s clothes from her home studio. Francesca is a STEM advocate and former Museum Curator and is responsible for the research, writing and social media behind the campaign. She lives in Shropshire with fellow campaigner Gareth and their two daughters, Scarlett and Evie.

Katy Penman is Director of Mimi & Will, an indie brand focused on design led and ethical children’s t-shirts.

To get involved, or to submit a blog in support of the campaign, please email letclothesbeclothes@gmail.com

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