Join the Resistance! #TheGreatClothesSwap

Every week we get emails from parents and grandparents frustrated that their complaints to retailers about gender stereotypes are not being taken seriously when all they hear back is a cut-and-pasted “We’ll pass on your feedback.”

So we’re offering the chance for some collaborative activism!

It’s called #TheGreatClothesSwap and it’s really simple: lets mix up the displays a little bit.

Here are our list of do’s and don’ts –

Do – Make a statement! Juxtapose the pretty in pink with the genius in grey, lets make it clear just how little choice parents really have when clothes are sold “for girls” or “for boys.”

Don’t – Cause a mess! We’re not talking about moving huge displays and we’re not doing the staff any favours if they have to move back 100’s of clothes.

Do – Take a photo of your activism and tag us #Letclothesbeclothes and of course the campaign #TheGreatClothesSwap so we can share your art!

Don’t – Don’t don’t don’t damage anything! We’re activists, not bullies, so respect for other peoples property at all times please, obvs.

Do – Get the kids involved! Get creative with outfits from all sides!

Don’t – Intimidate or argue with staff! Its unlikely there will be any upset, but if you’re asked to stop then please do.

Do – Email, tweet (and tag us @letclothesbe), post or otherwise contact and send those photos to the store in question! Make sure they know what you changed and why.

There are some great resources online to find the right contact details, including company websites. Also try the CEO Email Addresses website.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

For ideas please see our Facebook page or check out the photos below!

Emma Porter “Join the Resistance!”
Amy Tanwen Owen “Whoops Asda, I could only find this ‘Future Scientist’ t-shirt in the boys’ section, so don’t worry, I still bought one for my daughter and moved half to the girls’ section. I put it next to the top saying ‘Forever Daddy’s Girl’ for the kids who like empowering slogans on their t-shirts.”
Chloe Walker Harrison “Take that Asda, I just took a RED hoody from the BOYS section and put it in the (sea of pink) GIRLS section. It has a CAR embroidered on it. But it will be okay because females can drive or play with cars (if you don’t have a driving license).”

For more information please email or use the contact form below!


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