Beb & Ooo Awarded!


We are delighted to award entrepreneur twins, Beth and Lucy, with our badge recognising their unisex brand as a leading light in childrenswear designed and manufactured here in the UK.

Beb & Ooo is a unisex clothing brand with a love of colour. All of our collections are designed, printed and made in the UK. Our prints feature quirky animal characters which bring a sense of playfulness and fun to our garments!

We believe that all children should be given the freedom to experiment, explore and express their creativity. We hope tat out clothes help to offer parents and children more choice.”



Tell us about Beb & Ooo!

We are twin sisters, Beth and Lucy and we have just (finally!) launched our own brand of UK made baby and toddler clothing.

We design all of our range: the prints, garment fit and fabric combinations to ensure we end up with fun, colourful, practical clothes that we want to dress  our own children in.

We are heavily influenced by Scandinavian brands and hope to provide a similar look whilst manufacturing it all here in the UK.

What did you do before?

Lucy: I trained in illustration and jewellery design. After a rather winding  path of employment, I have spent the last ten years designing children’s craft kits for  high street retailers.

Beth: I trained in textile design and later in education, teaching art, design  and textiles. Before having my son I had spent six years managing a scrap-store for an environmental charity, which I loved.

We are both full time mums which has made progressing Beb & Ooo somewhat slower! It has, however, meant that we are more informed about the practicalities of dressing small wriggly people.

Why did you feel unisex was so important?

We didn’t set out to develop a unisex brand! Once we had decided to design our own clothing range it became clear to us that we had actually designed a unisex range without really thinking about it in those terms!

This might imply that we don’t see it as important, but in reality is proves our Mum totally succeeded in making clothes just be clothes for us. It was only once we had out boys we realised how hard she must have worked to provide us with such a free, creative and individual childhood.

We didn’t realise this world of pink, blue (and beige) existed as we were taught how to make our own clothes and would spend out pocket money on fabrics, patterns, jumble sale finds and comics!

We are very passionate that all children have freedom to experiment, explore and  express their creativity. We hope that our clothes help to offer parents  and children more choice.

What clothes did you love wearing as a child?

Clothes were important to us growing up as it was the only way some people could tell us apart. Our favourite  clothes were Cloth-kits and our rabbit dresses made by our granny (they featured a pocket  containing a rabbit who was wearing the same dress as us).

Do you sell dresses and skirts for boys too?

We are currently working on a couple of dress designs to introduce to our  collection soon. These will be available to buy for anyone who wants them,  whether they’re a girl or a boy.

To find our more about Beb & Ooo, or to purchase from their range please check out their website, or for offers and events please check out the Beb & Ooo Facebook page!

To nominate a unisex business, or apply for our Let Clothes be Clothes approved badge, please click here.


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